How to help employees work remotely

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The coronavirus is putting remote work to a gigantic test, and at a totally unprecedented scale. Throughout China, Italy, Japan and South Korea, workers have been on lockdown. Last week, the same happened in Seattle. Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Google all told employees there to remain home.
Human resource departments everywhere are making contingency plans that include keeping workers home. For many, the widespread embrace of remote work is a welcome change they’ve always wanted. The coronavirus will help promote remote work. “If employees don’t have to come in, they’re not paying to commute and they’re not adding to the carbon footprint,”

How to help employees work remotely? With a software

Time tracking
Available as a desktop, web, or mobile app.
GPS tracking
See when your team’s on the road or on site.
Online timesheets
Forget spreadsheets.
A high-level and deep dive into productivity data.
Productivity monitoring
Track apps, URL, activity percentages, and more.
Team scheduling
Easy online schedules and attendance tracking.
Simple Payroll
Track time. Send invoices. Pay crews. Done.
Easy invoices
Send client invoices based on time tracked and bill rates.


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Photo by Tran Mau Tri Tam on Unsplash