Search engine marketing – Pay Per Click

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can open up a world of opportunities when it comes to promoting your service or product.

By specifically targeting people interested in your website, you can use online advertising to directly connect with future customers.

Traditional advertising broadcasts a message to the world at large. But search engine marketing targets a very specific group of people – those actively looking for your products and services.

When a search engine returns results, some of them are paid advertisements and some of them are ‘organic’ results. The organic results are shown in the main list on the page. The paid advertisements are the ones that appear at the top and/or right side of the page. These are where Michelle’s results will appear if she decides to pay for an ad.

When you’re advertising on a search engine, the ‘quality’ of your advert heading is all-important. It needs to be very aligned to the keywords you’re targeting.

When advertisers compete to show ads on the same search results page, search engines use an auction to determine which ads appear and in what order. But there’s more to consider than just the price. When you’re starting a new search engine marketing (SEM) campaign, it’s important to understand what makes a keyword “good”? Write headlines that make a connection

Write a clear, compelling call to action.

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