Augmenting Your Technology

Implementing Agile processes through a definition of development cycle, assembly of self-organising teams and achieving continuous development with additional emphasis on coming up and supervising adherence to a flexible architecture.


Project Management

We offer competent project management services which may be organically added to your company when you are facing a project that demands timely delivery of a complicated software whereas with an in-house or a distributed team which we may help to assemble and grow to become a self-organising unit.

Offered services include needs assesment and requirements formalisation, preparation and supervision of adherence to a set road-map, consulting teams on continuous development and organisation practices.


For companies experiencing growth troubles, in need of resolving outstanding issues or starting on a new system we can offer a help in devising an architecture using years of experience.The practices and solutions delivered are currently used by companies in travel, fintech and large scale data processing sectors.

Solutions may cover all phases of project, from inception to drafting the initial schemes based on business needs and ranging to identification of resources needed to implement and support the final solution in the long run. All that may be done in a tight collaboration with in-house team, or assembling a dedicated task team for the purpose.


Tutuka Software (Pty) Ltd. is a company powering gift, prepaid and mobile companion cards. Augmentech is working in a tight collaboration with Tutuka to foster their growth in the new markets.
Key aspects:
Streamlining collaboration of remote teams
Defining architectural patterns for pressing cases resolution

Tutuka Software and Private Money Goldmine are two major players in real estate field of the USA developed by REI Network, LP. While helping to tackle the issues of upgrading legacy systems, Augmentech is offering knowledge and experience in the field of APIs development.
Key aspects:
Collaborating with shareholders on defining priorities
Delivering flexible API solutions Network, Inc. is a company building leading website calendar with a wide range of extensions and embedding options. Augmentech experts worked on the core elements of the software as well as provided means to deliver SaaS solution.
Key aspects:
Gathering needs and producing requirements
Implementing solutions for services delivery Network